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What is Japan, you ask? It is a relatively small but economically powerful country located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Asian continent. 

Japan and Me

I started studying Japanese in college on a whim and ended up living and working in Japan for over five years.  Now, after having eaten countless portions of raw fish and various types of seaweed, I am readjusting to American life and trying to live the American Dream (whatever that is). This page was created during my stay in Japan. For a cultural experience, check out my unique contribution to the Internet -- The Web's First Japanese Pizza Page.  You might also be interested in Kana Sensei, software I created years ago to help me learn Japanese. Some of you may want to see my timeline in getting a K1 visa.

Personal Photos

Photo Essay Motorcycle Trip My Best Photographs

Odawara Castle

Hokkaido Sunset

Harajuku Cos-Play

I created a small photo essay detailing my life in Japan in 1997. Also a birds-eye view of my neighborhood in Tokyo.  Please check them out. I've added a travelogue including pictures from my August 1999 motorcycle trip across the four main islands of Japan.  It was a life-enriching experience -- 7000km, 24 days, and one seriously sore butt! And for still more of my Japan pictures, please take a look at my gallery at TrekJapan and TrekEarth.  I've uploaded my best photographs there where they reside along with those from other amateur photographers.


Personal Stories on Living in Japan

Many people who live or travel in Japan feel compelled to write about it and I'm no exception. I moved there in the spring of 1994 and wrote several informational letters home before getting too busy (or lazy) to continue. The letters I've written are here:
Volume    I [03/30/1994] First Week 
Volume   II [04/05/1994] Hi-Tech 
Volume  III [04/12/1994] Ohanami & Last Weekend 
Volume   IV [04/28/1994] Hong Kong 
Volume    V [05/30/1994] Apartment Search 
Volume   VI [07/19/1994]   Driving in Japan 
Volume  VII [08/08/1994]   Hanabi 
Volume VIII [08/11/1994]   HOT / This is English? 
Volume   IX [09/20/1994]   Reggae Disco 
Volume    X [10/28/1994]   Guam 
Volume   XI [01/31/1995]   Holidays 
Volume  XII [03/24/1995] Reverse Culture Shock 
Volume XIII [06/18/1995]   Driving License 
Volume  XIV [08/25/1995] Mt. Fuji Ascent 
Volume   XV [10/15/1995] Thailand


Interesting Links Related to Japan

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Rob's Japan FAQ  A lot of useful information about living/working in Japan
Japan Newbie More useful info including a forum for newbies and old hands alike
Japan Reference One stop site for all things Japanese -- directory, forums, gallery & more
Tech Japan  Japanese technical news translated directly from the source
JapanZine  JapanZine a monthly magazine published in Japan
SAQ  Ed Jacob's SAQ (Seldom Asked Questions) about Japan
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