You have reached the personal home page of Michael Chachich.  I guess that means that you are pretty lucky!  It's not like winning the lottery or anything but still, you should consider yourself very fortunate.  Just think, of the billions of the people in this world, only a tiny fraction will ever see these pages.  So feel free to look around and drop me a note if you find something worth commenting on.

Hobbies & Interests

(that I find interesting enough to create web pages about)

Japan & the Japanese Language

My Japan Pages -- essays & photos
Scuba Diving My scuba diving experiences & some pictures
MG's The poor man's sports car
Choi Kwang Do A style of karate that I have studied and enjoyed
Japanese Pizza Not really a hobby or an interest, just my unique contribution to the internet
Java Degas Check out this browser-based java game.  It was written by a friend of mine and it's cool!

My Public Software

For some excitement, check out Kana Sensei, shareware I created ages ago for use as a learning aid for Japanese. It's floating around the Internet in various places such as the simtel archives but it is difficult to find nowadays.  However, you can get it right here.

I've got other ideas for other software, dot-coms and whatnot but I've been too busy working, playing and web surfin'.

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Created: Sep 5, 1995
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2005
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