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What is an MG, you ask? Well, if you need to ask, you probably don't need to be looking at this page. Simply put, MG is a marque of British sports cars that was in production in the 1940-1970s. It returned to production in 1995 with the MG F which is, sadly, not available in the United States. Check out the links below for more information.

MG's and me

Not much to tell, really. I'm the owner of a 1970 MG Midget which I'd been unable to drive for over five years -- when I'd moved out of the USA.  But I'm back now and it's running again!

Here's a picture I took circa early 1990's...

This picture was taken at an old rail station in Canada (Godrich, Ontario if I'm not mistaken). I believe I'm the third owner of this car, the first being some guy from Florida (hence the Scuba Diving sticker that was on the back when I bought it) and the second being some guy from southeastern Michigan. He had gotten married and ending up deciding to sell the car in order to<gasp> build a deck on his home. Will I end up with the same fate, I wonder?

Purists will note that this is not a stock MG color and if you can correctly identify the name & year of the type of car that actually wore this color, I grant you the title of Paint Master Extraordinaire.

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